Shoulder opening 😍

Here are some of my favorite shoulder/chest opening stretches. As HUMANNSSS we hold a lot of stress in our shoulders and sometimes it can feel like we carry the weight of the world. Be gentle with your body and take a few minutes to release some tightness and tension! Use the power of visualization to inhale where it hurts and where it’s tight, and imagine the tension disappearing with every exhale… YUMMY

Get settled in an easy seat and take a few breaths. Exhale all air from your lungs, fluid inhales and exhales 5 seconds each. 

Circle arms up to the sky. Grab left wrist with right and lean to the write, opening through your side body. Switch sides.

Child’s pose……… so good. Bring your toes together to touch, knees out wide, upper body down. Reach arms forward. Stay for a few breaths then walk your hands to the right, then the left, 

Flow through cat cow. Start in table top position then drop your belly, lift your chest, look up.

Cat pose- drop your belly lift your shift and look up

Open twist- From a table top position place your right hand under your nose and lift your left hand to the sky, twisting open.

Thread the needle- from open twist, thread your left arm between your right arm and body (weight is now on your left shoulder/upper arm). For a deeper stretch find a half bind by grabbing your left thigh with your right hand behind your back.

Puppy pose with arms on blocks… intense. Start in child’s pose and walk hands forward until hips are stacked above knees. Stay here, or for a more intense stretch grab two blocks or use a chair to place your elbows on. Let upper body relax down. 


Peace and much love!!

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