A Little Gem of a Day in Seattle

If you are looking for something that will feed your soul and nourish your body and you have a couple hours to spare in Seattle…keep reading

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I just had such a fun loving playful day with a sweet friend of mine, Mr. Michael Bentley. We felt like kids and I can’t tell you how many times we said, “I’m so happy! I’m so happy we did this.”  Carefree, insecurities set aside, giggles, being in awe of little crabs, shells, gooey ducks, our newfound moon snails, warms rocks, feeling the slimy seaweed and soft sand on our feet, reflexology, Vitamin D, good convo, walking sticks, cute wildflowers… bliss! All while getting 5 miles of walking in!



The subject of simplicity came up. It doesn’t have to take much to make one happy, or at least content and appreciative and grateful.

We were so happy from nothing… just being outside in the nature.

How simple is that. It’s free and literally just outside. Nature is so rejuvenating, we are all one and we were born to be outside. Of course great company and the Seattle Sunshine helped 😉

I always feel like I need to hop on a plane to go to a beach to get that “beach fix”, when really we are surrounded by water in Seatown… everything we need is all right here =)


The itinerary for an amazing half day of fun/date/solo adventure

-Discovery Park

-Nikos Gyros – A lovely Greek restaurant. I’m Turkish and it was up to par 😉 SO YUMMY

-Starbucks – lol

-Magnolia Garden Center – Little beauties everywhere!

-Good music on the ride home 🙂

Our walked turned into a grounding beach adventure at Discovery Park in Magnolia. Everything about Discovery is beautiful. You get the satisfaction of nature and it’s right smack in the city. You look off the cliff to the Puget Sound with glimpses of West Seattle and if you’re lucky, Glorious Mount Rainier. Beyond the water is Bainbridge Island, and beyond that are the Olympic Mountains and Oly Peninsula… such a breathtaking view. The tide happened to be at -3.8 (that’s what a lady told us, apparently a low tide that’s rare). We noticed the tide was low from above and got excited and took the trail down the beach.

Found some walking sticks per Michael’s idea and got friendly with the Ocean things. It’s a whole other world down there…IMG_2688IMG_2701


Mr. Michael Wells Bentley Ya’llIMG_2719IMG_2725


Green is good for the brain and memory… stairs and cardio is good tooIMG_2731IMG_4488IMG_4499

If you’re lucky you might even see a whole family of SEALS. We did and they’re SO CUTE bobbing their heads up and down in the water! Their little shiny heads are so cute hehe.


Peace & Love & Light

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