The intent behind this is awareness & to educate 🙏I was diagnosed with 2 autoimmune diseases this year, Fibromyalgia & Hashimotos hypothyroiditis. The symptoms of fatigue & pain literally put me on my butt for MONTHS & my days consisted of sleeping, meditating, crying, work & wondering what my body was telling me?! Energy one day, zombie the next. I felt like💩. My physical passions can leave me feeling depleted & hurting even more. Yoga and pilates hurt, and that’s a hard pill for me to swallow . Sometimes I don’t have the energy to even talk 🤨

This is where awareness & understanding matters: I look healthy and fit. I look the same as before… Talk about (🧠 & 💪🏼) health & how someone “looks” on the outside. You just never know 🦋 We’ve been surprised w/tragedies of ppl who look “happy” & “have it all”. Stress kills 🙁 Self love is important & needs to be a focus. Love is also success💕

I know I can heal my body with energy work, relaxation techniques, meditating, journaling, reflecting, really looking inward. This IS a wake up call that I have a lot to work on & let go of. I have this feeling that one can heal their body with their mind. I’m not saying you can get rid of all terrible diseases, but you can work on the relationship with your experience & try to manage it. The less stress you have, the less physical & mental hurt. I can only speak about my body mind & experience…I know many of you agree if you’re stressed anxious sad or upset, it shows up in your body.

So my posts about CBD, oils, herbs, meditating, acupuncture, anti inflammatory, diet, routine, relaxation techniques, self love, acceptance & peace stem from my experience & experiments. I share as I go. I’m on a journey of inner PEACE, FORGIVENESS, ACCEPTANCE & SELF LOVE. Start from the core & radiate out✨
I’ve been on the fence of sharing this online. I have this FIRE inside of me urging me to bring awareness to& educate about stress & having a beautiful relationship with yourself. You can be your best friend.
I’m here for anyone who has questions or is struggling. I have so much to learn. This journey for me is just getting started. Thank you for reading & all support from my Husband❤️ Fam & Friends 💕💕You Can Heal Body & Mind & Soul 💕✨🌹🌈☀️🦋 PS I’m HAPPY 🙂




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