Kyla’s Kitchen 🌹 Şam Börek

Hey ya’ll. As promised, Meyme is the star in this one. She is teaching us how to make Şam börek (or şan börek) originating from Mardin in Southeastern Turkey 🇹🇷 yum!! My grandparents are originally from Mardin, so there’s a lot of Arabic influence in the food we eat. Very simple recipe and easy to make. Enjoy 🙂


Uncooked flour tortillas (usually we would make the dough from scratch, but in this modern day and age, tortillas work just fine. DM if you want dough recipe).

1lb ground lamb

1 cup finely chopped onions


Black pepper

Red pepper (if you like it a little hot 🔥)


1. Combine all ingredients

2. Grease pan or griddle

3. Lay out tortillas, fold in half so there’s a crease (so you know where to put the meat), then flatten back out to a circle

4. Put a fine layer of the mixture on one half, leave about 1/2 inch on the edges, then fold in half so you have a half moon 🌙 and push down to seal. If you want to be extra fancy, cut along the edge so it’s even

5. Cook both sides until golden brown (on griddle or stove pan) about 5 min each side (flip a few times so it’s even) or until golden brown.

6. Enjoy & afiyet olsun 🙂

PS it goes really well with tomatoes and a middle eastern yogurt based drink called ayran.

As always, if you have any questions, let me know and of course if you try the recipe lmk how it turned out. Thank you for all the love.

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Kyla’s Kitchen 🌹 Episode 5: Barbunya


It has been a while since I’ve posted and I’m getting asked a lot about when I’m posting the next so here it is. As I know Meyme’s the Star, unfortunately only her voice makes a debut in this one. Not to worry, she’ll be back in the next one. This was recorded in winter.



1 medium finely chopped onion

5-6 cloves of garlic

4 medium sized carrots chopped

2 cups pinto beans

1/2 can tomato sauce

grapeseed oil


sugar 😉



  1. Heat oil on medium high heat, add onion, garlic, carrots, and salt. Stir and let sautee for about 10 minutes. Onions and carrots should be a little firm.
  2. Add tomato sauce + one cup of water. Add beans and sugar. Bring to a boil then turn heat down and simmer for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Typically it is served cold so put it in the fridge for several hours! Goes great with rice and salad 🙂






The intent behind this is awareness & to educate 🙏I was diagnosed with 2 autoimmune diseases this year, Fibromyalgia & Hashimotos hypothyroiditis. The symptoms of fatigue & pain literally put me on my butt for MONTHS & my days consisted of sleeping, meditating, crying, work & wondering what my body was telling me?! Energy one day, zombie the next. I felt like💩. My physical passions can leave me feeling depleted & hurting even more. Yoga and pilates hurt, and that’s a hard pill for me to swallow . Sometimes I don’t have the energy to even talk 🤨

This is where awareness & understanding matters: I look healthy and fit. I look the same as before… Talk about (🧠 & 💪🏼) health & how someone “looks” on the outside. You just never know 🦋 We’ve been surprised w/tragedies of ppl who look “happy” & “have it all”. Stress kills 🙁 Self love is important & needs to be a focus. Love is also success💕

I know I can heal my body with energy work, relaxation techniques, meditating, journaling, reflecting, really looking inward. This IS a wake up call that I have a lot to work on & let go of. I have this feeling that one can heal their body with their mind. I’m not saying you can get rid of all terrible diseases, but you can work on the relationship with your experience & try to manage it. The less stress you have, the less physical & mental hurt. I can only speak about my body mind & experience…I know many of you agree if you’re stressed anxious sad or upset, it shows up in your body.

So my posts about CBD, oils, herbs, meditating, acupuncture, anti inflammatory, diet, routine, relaxation techniques, self love, acceptance & peace stem from my experience & experiments. I share as I go. I’m on a journey of inner PEACE, FORGIVENESS, ACCEPTANCE & SELF LOVE. Start from the core & radiate out✨
I’ve been on the fence of sharing this online. I have this FIRE inside of me urging me to bring awareness to& educate about stress & having a beautiful relationship with yourself. You can be your best friend.
I’m here for anyone who has questions or is struggling. I have so much to learn. This journey for me is just getting started. Thank you for reading & all support from my Husband❤️ Fam & Friends 💕💕You Can Heal Body & Mind & Soul 💕✨🌹🌈☀️🦋 PS I’m HAPPY 🙂




A Little Gem of a Day in Seattle

If you are looking for something that will feed your soul and nourish your body and you have a couple hours to spare in Seattle…keep reading

IMG_2685 2

I just had such a fun loving playful day with a sweet friend of mine, Mr. Michael Bentley. We felt like kids and I can’t tell you how many times we said, “I’m so happy! I’m so happy we did this.”  Carefree, insecurities set aside, giggles, being in awe of little crabs, shells, gooey ducks, our newfound moon snails, warms rocks, feeling the slimy seaweed and soft sand on our feet, reflexology, Vitamin D, good convo, walking sticks, cute wildflowers… bliss! All while getting 5 miles of walking in!



The subject of simplicity came up. It doesn’t have to take much to make one happy, or at least content and appreciative and grateful.

We were so happy from nothing… just being outside in the nature.

How simple is that. It’s free and literally just outside. Nature is so rejuvenating, we are all one and we were born to be outside. Of course great company and the Seattle Sunshine helped 😉

I always feel like I need to hop on a plane to go to a beach to get that “beach fix”, when really we are surrounded by water in Seatown… everything we need is all right here =)


The itinerary for an amazing half day of fun/date/solo adventure

-Discovery Park

-Nikos Gyros – A lovely Greek restaurant. I’m Turkish and it was up to par 😉 SO YUMMY

-Starbucks – lol

-Magnolia Garden Center – Little beauties everywhere!

-Good music on the ride home 🙂

Our walked turned into a grounding beach adventure at Discovery Park in Magnolia. Everything about Discovery is beautiful. You get the satisfaction of nature and it’s right smack in the city. You look off the cliff to the Puget Sound with glimpses of West Seattle and if you’re lucky, Glorious Mount Rainier. Beyond the water is Bainbridge Island, and beyond that are the Olympic Mountains and Oly Peninsula… such a breathtaking view. The tide happened to be at -3.8 (that’s what a lady told us, apparently a low tide that’s rare). We noticed the tide was low from above and got excited and took the trail down the beach.

Found some walking sticks per Michael’s idea and got friendly with the Ocean things. It’s a whole other world down there…IMG_2688IMG_2701


Mr. Michael Wells Bentley Ya’llIMG_2719IMG_2725


Green is good for the brain and memory… stairs and cardio is good tooIMG_2731IMG_4488IMG_4499

If you’re lucky you might even see a whole family of SEALS. We did and they’re SO CUTE bobbing their heads up and down in the water! Their little shiny heads are so cute hehe.


Peace & Love & Light

“CALM DOWN”… WTH Does That Even Mean?

It means don’t get worked up, duh!!! Great, but how?

We are flooded with stereotypical quotes of how to live our lives. BE CALM. CALM DOWN. BE HAPPY. BE ORGANIZED. BE TIMELY. Be mindful. Eat mindfully. Have better time management. Have a clean room. Don’t be late. Stop procrastinating. Smile. Laugh. Don’t cry. Don’t be upset. Stop yelling. Speak up. Don’t do that. Be aware. Lose weight. Gain weight.

Wonderful, a list of things to do, without any tools to do so. Remind me again how success will flow after telling someone to “Calm down”, when they don’t have any tools to help them get there? YIKES!


you’re in an argument with your significant other and s/he tells you to just calm down. You’re like WHAT DO YOU MEAN CALM DOWN HOW COULD I COME DOWN ARE YOU CRAZY. *Yell yell scream scream bang doors cries and don’t talk for three days feels terrible* You feel out of control and don’t even know what you said and don’t mean the hurtful things you screamed. What a monster.


You remember a video you watched about how to actually calm your mind and body down. You say, “ OK…I just need a minute”. You close your eyes and start breathing. 5 deep breaths in and out. *I know this will calm me down from the cellular level. I know this will calm my brain down. I know this will get my heart rate down. I know I’ll open my eyes and be able to either say I need some space or time to think or the conversation will naturally come to a civilized pace and tone. I’ll feel in control of my emotions*.

Whoa. Which one sounds better? I’d say option #2 tickles my fancy. Lol.

And Lord knows I’ve experienced #1 and #2, though #2 seems to be a lot better for my mental health, my relationships, and my life as a whole.

I think tools for success are lacking. We have expectations and goals without the “how”.

Next time you tell someone to calm down, or better yet, need to calm down yourself, BREATHE.


If you find yourself worked up over whatever it may be, Stop. Drop. And breathe. You don’t have to drop but definitely stop, let your eyes close if you’re in an environment where it’s safe (aka not driving), and take 5+ slow, deep breaths. Keep breathing. The breath calms down your nervous system. Breathing lowers your blood pressure, reduces anxiety, slows the heart rate, relaxes the body, releases endorphins, helps you be in control. When you take step back as a form of self respect, you’ll come back to the situation with a new perspective. 

Even if you don’t need to “calm down” per sey, incorporating deep breathing throughout your day is healthy. If you have a life where you have deadlines, drive, have a cell phone and access to social media and technology… it’s good to take a few moments to yourself, cuz self love is where it’s at.

To try at home: You breathe every second of every day, it won’t hurt to experiment with a few mindful breaths throughout the day. It’ll take a total of 2 minutes to complete these exercises.

In the morning: Before you go on social media, take a full body stretch with a few breaths! 5-10 mindful and aware breaths as a 1 minute morning ritual. I can only say from experience it will start your day with a sense of ease.

When you’re driving: Traffic is to be expected. Distract yourself from the stress by taking a few breaths here.

Another fun one (lol) is every time you somehow end up on social media scrolling through your Instagram, exit out and take 1 big deep breath. You may be surprised how often you automatically open up those apps! Instead of getting mad at yourself, you do something good for your bod and mind 🙂



<3 Kyla

Shoulder opening 😍

Here are some of my favorite shoulder/chest opening stretches. As HUMANNSSS we hold a lot of stress in our shoulders and sometimes it can feel like we carry the weight of the world. Be gentle with your body and take a few minutes to release some tightness and tension! Use the power of visualization to inhale where it hurts and where it’s tight, and imagine the tension disappearing with every exhale… YUMMY

Get settled in an easy seat and take a few breaths. Exhale all air from your lungs, fluid inhales and exhales 5 seconds each. 

Circle arms up to the sky. Grab left wrist with right and lean to the write, opening through your side body. Switch sides.

Child’s pose……… so good. Bring your toes together to touch, knees out wide, upper body down. Reach arms forward. Stay for a few breaths then walk your hands to the right, then the left, 

Flow through cat cow. Start in table top position then drop your belly, lift your chest, look up.

Cat pose- drop your belly lift your shift and look up

Open twist- From a table top position place your right hand under your nose and lift your left hand to the sky, twisting open.

Thread the needle- from open twist, thread your left arm between your right arm and body (weight is now on your left shoulder/upper arm). For a deeper stretch find a half bind by grabbing your left thigh with your right hand behind your back.

Puppy pose with arms on blocks… intense. Start in child’s pose and walk hands forward until hips are stacked above knees. Stay here, or for a more intense stretch grab two blocks or use a chair to place your elbows on. Let upper body relax down. 


Peace and much love!!

Kyla’s Kitchen 🌹Turlu (Episode 4)

Turlu recipe (Mixed vegetables)


+ Butter or light vegetable oil (I’d try grapeseed)

+ 2 pounds green beens (without stems)

+ 2 eggplant

+3 zucchini

+4 tomatoes

+1 medium onion (chopped)

+ 1 bunch parsley

+6 garlic cloves

+ 1 jalapeno or red pepper flakes if you like it spicy



  1. Put oil or butter pan on medium high, add onion, half of chopped tomatos. Let simmer.
  2. Add green beans, eggplant, zucchini, remaining tomatoes, and parsley, add about a cup of water. You may have to add water a few times so the vegetables aren’t too dry.
  3. Let simmer. After an hour of simmering taste a green bean, if it’s cooked, that means everything else is too! The green beans take the longest to cook (then eggplant, then zucchini).
  4. Serve with rice or any grain- and voila 🙂 Afiyetolsun!

Kyla’s Kitchen 🌹 Episode 2

MERHABA beautiful people.

Today, Meyme is teaching us how to make “Mercimek Koftesi”, lentil koftes… lentil “meat”balls. Mercimek, pronounced “Mer-gee-mek” means lentils in Turkish. Totes vegan, healthy, full of fiber and protein and keeps you full!


1/3 cup green lentils

1 cup water

1/2 cup fine corse bulgur

1/4 cup oil

2/3 cup chopped onions

1 tsp tomato paste



Put lentils in pressure cooker about 12 min OR boil for 30-35 min

Combine lentils and bulgur in big mixing bowl, cover and let sit for 10-15 minutes (until bulgur absorbs the water from lentils. Do not drain lentils!).

Brown onions with oil and add tomato paste

Combine onion tomato paste mixture with lentils and bulgur and mix with hands

Prepare your bed of lettuce and shape mercimek into little ovals for easy eating 🙂

*Tastes amazing with hot sauce!!!*

PS if you don’t have a pressure cooker you can make so many great things in it. It’s like a slow cooker but way faster lol. Very convenient. I make a lot of lentil soups, beans, stews, etc. If you cook semi last minute based off of what you’re craving, it can be really helpful or you simply want to cut cooking time in half! Cooks lentils and beans in 15 min vs 35 boiling or 30 min instead of 8 hours with your slow cooker. I haven’t tried the same recipe with a slow cooker vs pressure but… ain’t nobody got time for that. I know it’s good 🙂 #pressurecooker #genius.




Kyla 🙂